Q: How do we pay?
A: Ruby Photography accepts all major credit cards, check, paypal, venmo, and cash.

Q: When do we pay?
A: Events and weddings require 35% deposit at the time of booking. Family and Couple shoots are to be paid in full the day of the shoot (though you are more than welcome to pay in advanced!).

Q: What do we wear?
A: Whatever you'd be happy to see your couple or family photos in! If you want to dress up go for it, if you want to be casual- Hey that's cool too! I do suggest no lime green for adults! Otherwise, here's a blog post on what to wear for family sessions.

Is there anything we should bring?

a blanket



What is the best time of the day to shoot?


What if it’s cloudy on our day? 


What if it rains on our day?


Where do we shoot?!