Working with Samy Ruby is like working with your best friend. She’s comfortable to be around, and shooting with her feels like a partnership. I’ve worked with so many photographers in the past, and no one has been more enjoyable to collaborate with! I love how Samy takes my input and also shares her own. She really knows what shots will capture what I’m looking for - whether it’s a fashion, fitness, or product shot. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!
— Gracie, Girl Meets Life
Gracie Gordon @girlmeetslife

Gracie Gordon


Hey you!

Photographing bloggers/brands is FUN! Though I am available for occasional shoots, I cannot fully express the benefits to working with someone regularly. Together we figure out your goals, your good side (we all got one!), how to be most efficient with your time, and how to best highlight the lifestyle that you want to portray to your audience. This long term relationship helps ensures the best quality, consistency, and the success of your social outreach. If you'd like to inquire about investing in steady imagery please e-mail me directly at to see if we're a good fit!