I love my job- so much- and this is why. My family moved a lot growing up (10 times before high school!) and for us "Home" was never a place, it was people. The result was I grew up loving tradition AND change. I feel no ties to any specific place, but strongly tied to real, count-on-me-for-anything, love! Now I get to work exactly in a mix of all those things. I've worked with couples from dating, to engaged, to married, and even to pregnant! I've watched families go from one child, to four kids and two dogs! I get to be part of the yearly family holiday card tradition, or the wedding ceremony AND I get to travel the world, freelance, and roam.



My Process


"We're so excited! But fair warning: we are a little awkward and not very photogenic!" Does this sound like you? I'll have you know, that now I'm MORE excited to work with you! My favorite shoots have been with people just like you.
My process is simple! Observe, get to know you, get "the shot", and get the shot *between* the shot. My goal is to make things as easy as possible, as hopefully to have a little fun too ;)


So that's me! Can I get to know you?